Things to note: The General Purpose hall (badminton court size) is the only room available to rent.

  • Off it, there is a UA Toilet and a small servery.
  • There is NO storage available!
  • There is only a very limited parking available on site within the school grounds.
  • There is no parking in the Church grounds!

Renting is on hourly basis but must include both opening/set up and closing up time. Availability will reduce as bookings come in.

All hall users must:
Respect the building.

  • Have the venue tidy and be vigilant of health and safety at all times.
  • Have child protection policy in place IF any members are UNDER 18 (we require details)
  • Have your own First Aid box with you
  • Insurance – It is a requirement to have a minimum of €2.6 million and INDEMNITY in place (full details given if proceeding with the booking). (This is usually standard on most policies).
  • Deposit is required at start of contract.
  • Rent is required at the start of each rental period (not in arrears)
  • Key holders will be required to sign for keys – Any loss of keys will require payment of €250 to allow for replacement to all hall users.
  • Any damage must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the school.
  • Any injury must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the school.
  • Make sure the building is tidy / water off / windows closed and premises secure when leaving.
Renting is only agreed when full paperwork has been received (including: 1. Full application 2. Child Protection details (if applicable) 3. INSURANCE and 4. Deposit) and we have confirmed terms and conditions in writing

Contact Information

(01) 8335124

Howth Road Mixed National School,
Clontarf Road,
Dublin 3

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