First Class Book List 2019-2020 Parents:

  • This is the book list that Parents need to get for this coming year.
  • All other books / copy books will be provided by the school underthe book rental scheme
  • The Book Rental School Cost is €15 – payment to teachers


Sounds Good Phonics 3 First Class Pupil Book (Gill & MacMillan)

Spell Well 1 (CJ Fallon)


Just Handwriting Cursive 1st Class


Planet Maths 1 Text Book – First Class (Folens)

Master your Maths (CJ Fallons)


The Right Note First and Second Class (Folens) (Will use over two years)


Small World 2 Second Class – (CJ Fallon) (NOTE! 2nd class book for both classes!)

All other books, readers and copybooks etc. are provided by the school through the Book Rental Scheme.

BOOK RENTAL for the year Cost: €15 Infants -2nd Class, (20€ 3rd-6th class — More books).

To be paid to Class Teacher at the start of the year!

Suggested Stationary for First Class:

  • 4 pencils
  • 1 pack twist-able crayons/ Colouring pencils
  • Pencil case
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener (double size and collects shavings)
  • 4 Pritt Stick glues LARGE

NOTE: Please ensure

  • ALL BOOKS are labelled clearly with your child’s name ON THE OUTSIDE COVER
  • All stationary is labelled clearly with your child’s name.